The History of Handmade Buddha Statues

Buddha sculpture history did not begin simultaneously with the inception of Buddhism in 500 BCE. This is because the first statues of the Buddha did not include depictions of the Buddha’s body. Instead, ancient Buddha sculptures would be based on the Buddha’s footprint or represented by a horse without a rider. Indeed, the Buddhist concept of emptiness seems incompatible with sculpture art. Nonetheless, it offers an explanation for a sculpture without its form.

Here then,
Form is no other than emptiness,
emptiness no other than form.
Form is only emptiness,

emptiness only form.”
~Heart Sutra~

It was not until approximately 200 ACE that evidence of the first handmade Buddha statues appeared. These statues were made of stone or clay and were mostly devoid of the fine details and Buddha statues meaning. However, the quality of handmade Buddha statues and statues of Buddhist deities would improve dramatically along with the evolution of Buddhism.

As Buddhism evolved it began to spread very far from its place of origin in Bodh Gaya, India. Additionally, when Buddhism was accepted into different cultures the Buddha statues meaning was inevitably adjusted to suit the new cultural norms. For example, compassion was considered a masculine attribute in some countries (Nepal, Tibet, India) while it was considered feminine in others (China, Japan, Korea).

As a result, famous Buddha sculpture of high level Buddhist deities such as Avalokiteshvara “Bodhisattva of Compassion” were adjusted accordingly. Indeed, they could be depicted in male or female form and sometimes even given superhuman features. Many examples of famous Buddha sculpture depict Avalokiteshvara with 11 heads and 1000 arms. However, Avalokiteshvara is usually given the form of an elegant female Buddha statue in China with normal human characteristics. Irregardless of the location, Buddha statues meaning remains the same – male or female – Avalokiteshvara is synonymous with compassion.

Creating Traditional Handmade Buddha Statues

Our Buddha sculpture for sale was created in Patan, Nepal using the traditional lost wax sculpting method. This time tested technique has been used for many centuries and has become the country’s national heritage. As a result, over time handmade Buddha statues from Nepal became renown for their high quality and long lasting finish. Indeed, they have been used by the Tibetan monasteries for many centuries.

What is the lost wax sculpting method? The lost wax method requires the sculptor to first create a perfectly handmade wax replica of the Buddha statue design. Next, the outside of the wax replica is carefully layered with a mixture of special clay minerals. Afterwards the clay is allowed to dry which creates a hardened cast around the wax sculpture. The wax is then melted and allowed to drain out through a hole in the bottom of the cast. The empty cast is filled with molten copper alloy and allowed to cool for a few days. Afterwards, the cast is carefully cracked and pulled away to reveal an authentic handmade Buddha statue. However, it still requires hand polishing and an authentic gold gilded finish.

Gold Gilded Buddha Statues Finished using the Fire Gilding Method

After the Buddha statue is removed from the cast, it is smoothed out and any defects are adjusted accordingly. Next, the sculptor will apply the finish to the statue. The two primary types of finish are the gold gilded Buddha statue or antiquated Buddha statues using oxidized copper. However, there are many variations and our Buddha sculpture for sale often displays combinations of both. Indeed, the contrast can be quite striking which results in different variations of the best Buddha statues.

The predominant method the artisans use to finish our statues is gold gilding using the fire gilding method. To apply this method the sculptor will mix real 18K gold with a solution of mercury. This mixture is then applied evenly to the parts of the Buddha statue which will receive a gold gilded finish.

Extreme heat is then applied to these parts of the statue using a torch. As a result, the mercury and the impurities evaporate leaving a handmade Buddha statue with a 24K pure gold finish! This gold Buddha statue finish will remain tarnish free indefinitely. Indeed, the unmistakable luster of pure gold imbues our Buddha sculpture for sale with a life like expression. Additionally, the statue is face painted by hand which further enhances the life like qualities of our handmade Buddha statues. As a result, the owner will gain a sense of genuine inspiration, peace and tranquility to last many lifetimes.

Golden Buddha Satisfaction Guarantee

It is my objective to help you procure the best handmade Buddha statue online. The designs and quality of our authentic gold gilded Buddha statues are found in the most renown Buddhist temples throughout Asia. Additionally, our sales gallery can accommodate the preferences of anyone seriously interested in Buddhist art. Our selection consists of the entry level small Buddha statue price to the most sophisticated Buddha statues meaning.

We account for the variations in Buddha statue decor and our Buddha statues accommodate all the schools of Buddhism. Remember that Indian Buddha statues and Buddha statue Amazon are not the same high quality as authentic handmade Buddha statues from Nepal. Indeed, a metal cast statue created using a reusable mold is not an authentic handmade Buddha statue. When you buy a Buddha statue online from Golden Buddha, rest assured you have procured a monastic quality handmade Buddha statue for sale. Indeed, we offer a wide selection that we hope will satisfy all levels of practitioner.