Authentic Buddha Statues for Sale from Nepal

At Golden Buddha our customers can buy an authentic Buddha statue for sale online that was handmade using the traditional lost wax sculpting method. This time tested technique has been used by the Nepali artisans for many centuries to make the world’s best Buddha statues.

Authentic Buddha statues made in Nepal are indeed world renown for best quality of craftsmanship. This is the result of many centuries of hard work and dedication by the Nepali craftsmen to create the best Buddha statue for sale.

Buy 100% Certified Authentic Buddha Statues Online

Each Buddha statue for sale will be delivered with a certificate of authentication. This certificate is provided after the statue is inspected by the Department of Archaeology in Kathmandu, Nepal. As a result, the buyer can rest assured they have procured a Buddha statue for sale of the highest quality.

An authentic Buddha statue from Nepal is highly sought after for the fine detailed carving and 24k gold gilded finish. Indeed, the Tibetan monasteries have purchased their statues and ritual items from Nepal for many centuries. However, it is not necessary to travel to Nepal.

Indeed, for many years our customers have purchased their authentic Buddha statue online. There is no need to travel to a distant foreign country to procure the best Buddha statue for sale.

Meditating Buddha Statue for Sale
Meditating Buddha Statue – Amitabha

How is an Authentic Buddha Statue Unique?

The unique aspects of an authentic Buddha statue for sale are based in the method of its creation. Each Buddha statue is specially hand carved using the traditional lost wax sculpting method.

What is the lost wax sculpting method?

First, the sculptor creates a perfect hand carved wax replica of the Buddha or Bodhisattva to be portrayed by the statue.

When the fine details of the wax replica are finished, the outside of the wax carving is carefully layered with a mixture of special clay minerals.

Afterwards, the clay is allowed to dry which creates a hardened cast around the wax sculpture. The wax is then melted and allowed to drain out through a hole in the bottom of the cast.

After the cast has been completely drained of wax, it is filled with molten copper alloy and allowed to cool for a few days. Afterwards, the cast is carefully cracked and pulled away to reveal an authentic Buddha statue in unfinished form.

Buy Real Gold Gilded Buddha Statues for Sale

After smoothing out any imperfections, the statue is hand polished to prepare for the finishing touches. The two primary types of finish are:

  1. The most desirable 24k gold gilded finish or
  2. Antiquated copper oxidation method.

Indeed, there are many variations of a finished Buddha statue for sale. The statue can be fully gold gilded or partly gold gilded. Likewise, the antiquated statue can feature a fully antiquated finish, or it can be partly antiquated and partly gold gilded.

Our Buddha statues for sale often display combinations of both. Indeed, the contrast can be quite striking and it results in a wide variety of Buddha statue decor.

However, the most popular method our customers choose is the classic fully gold gilded Buddha statue finish. The artisans use the traditional “fire gilding method” to apply the gold finish to the statue.

To apply this method the sculptor will first mix real gold with a solution of mercury. This mixture is then applied evenly to the parts of the statue which will receive a gold gilded finish.

Extreme heat is then carefully applied using a torch. As a result, the impurities in the gold evaporate with the mercury leaving behind a residual 24k pure gold Buddha statue finish!

This pure 24K gold Buddha statue will remain tarnish free indefinitely. Indeed, the unmistakable luster of pure gold imbues each Buddha statue with a special life like expression.

Furthermore, each authentic Buddha statue for sale is face painted by hand with real gold paint to further enhance the statue’s quality. As a result, the owner will gain a sense of genuine inspiration, peace and tranquility that is not possible with cheap Buddha statues.

Authentic Buddha Statue for Sale, Tibetan Primordial Buddha
Tibetan Primordial Buddha Statue – Vajradhara

Authentic Buddha Statues in Buddhist History

The origination of the Buddha statue did not begin simultaneously with the inception of Buddhism in 500 BCE. This is because the first statues of the Buddha did not include depictions of the Buddha’s body.

The Buddha statue artifacts found during that time period would be a depiction of Buddha’s footprint or the Buddha’s horse without a rider. This may sound strange, however the Buddhist scriptures were opposed to depictions of the physical body.

Indeed, the concepts of impermanence and no self would at first impede the evolution of Buddhist sculpture art. The Buddhist concept of emptiness offers an explanation for Buddha statues without form.

Here then,
Form is no other than emptiness,
emptiness no other than form.
Form is only emptiness,
emptiness only form.”
~Heart Sutra~

It was not until approximately 200 ACE that evidence of the first authentic Buddha statues would appear. However, the Buddha statues of this period were made of crude materials such as stone and clay. As a result, they were lacking fine details and were mostly devoid of rich Buddha statue meaning.

Buddhist sculpture at this time was based on the conservative teachings of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni. These original Buddhist teachings were known as Theravada Buddhism or also Hinayana.

The concept of emptiness (no self) found in the original teachings of Gautama Buddha is still an integral component in contemporary Buddhist teachings.

However, modern Buddhist sculpture received tremendous creative inspiration from new schools that evolved from Mahayana Buddhism such as Vajrayana and Tibetan Buddhism.

The Impact of Mahayana Buddhism on Buddhist Sculpture

The sophistication and flamboyance of Buddha statues would be greatly encouraged with the inception of Mahayana Buddhism.

To be clear, there was never any dispute about the original teachings of Gautama Buddha. However, among Buddhist scholars during that time period, there was a desire to make Buddhism more inclusive. As a result, the dispute which resulted in the creation of Mahayana Buddhism was about how to gain wider acceptance of conservative Buddhist teachings.

Indeed, after the death of its founder, Theravada Buddhism was in decline. Some scholars believed that the conservative nature of Theravada Buddhism was not inclusive enough. As a result, they advocated a more inclusive version of Buddhism called Mahayana or “great vehicle”.

Primarily, the difference between Theravada Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism was that Gautama Buddha taught his followers that a Buddha was a human, not a god.

However, the dedication and sacrifice necessary to become a Buddha simply seemed impossible for the vast majority. As a result, the scholars advocating Mahayana Buddhism embellished the Buddha’s teachings in order to make Buddhism appealing to the general population.

Mahayana Buddhism indoctrinated the concept of the Bodhisattva which was to assist others to attain enlightenment. Additionally, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas were effectively deified. As a result, the design and characteristics of Buddha statues was impacted immensely.

In time, Mahayana Buddhism would give rise to Vajrayana Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism soon followed. Indeed, the progressive concept of Buddhist gods and deities would rapidly evolve. As a result, Buddhist sculpture would achieve a whole new level of sophistication.

Female Buddha Statue for sale
Tibetan Buddha Statue, Vajrayogini

Your Authentic Buddha Statue Guarantee

It is my objective to help you procure an authentic Buddha statue for sale which meets or hopefully exceeds your expectations.

The certificate of authenticity will be included with your purchase when it is delivered to your home, office or Dharma center. Therefore, rest assured you have procured an authentic Buddha statue for sale that was handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal.

When you are selecting your statue online beware of false advertising. Unfortunately, many of the Buddha statues for sale online are marketed as authentic “handmade” but they are actually cheap mass reproduced replicas. For example, a cast metal statue from India created using a reusable mold is not authentically handmade.

When you buy an authentic Buddha statue online from Golden Buddha, rest assured you have procured a monastic quality sculpture. The high quality is self evident and you will also have the certificate to prove it.