Naro Kacho Vajrayogini Statue for Sale

This Naro Kacho Vajrayogini statue for sale was handmade in Nepal using the traditional lost wax sculpting method. Additionally, the statue is fire gilded in pure 24K gold. The Nepali artisans have long been the preferred source of the Tibetan monasteries for Buddha statues. As a result, the buyer can rest assured they have procured a monastic quality Vajrayogini statue.

Furthermore, the sculptor adhered to the traditional iconography that was taught by the Indian mahasiddha Naropa. Indeed, this beautiful form of a young voluptuous female is also hand carved in 24K gold. The statue will be most effective for your tantric practice. However, it is also a beautiful form of Buddhist artwork. 

At the request of the buyer we can embellish the crown and jewelry with turquoise and red coral stones before delivery. There is no additional cost, but please make the request before shipping.

List of Naro Kacho Vajrayogini Statue Features

  1. Wisdom Fire (removable frame)
  2. Skull Crown
  3. Heruka Chakrasamvara (khatvanga)
  4. Impaled Three Buddha Heads
  5. Kapala Skull Cup
  6. Kartika Flaying knife
  7. Two Deity Figures Underfoot
  8. Necklace of Fifty Human Skulls
  9. Lotus Pedestal
  10. Bone Ornaments
  11. Third Eye
  12. Damaru
  13. Double Vajra, Vajra
  14. Unfettered Long Red Hair
  15. Fierce, Sensual Facial Expression

Naro Kacho Vajrayogini

Naro Kacho Vajrayogini statue for sale now
19.5″ Naro Kacho Vajrayogini Statue, Fully Gold Gilded in 24K Gold, Free Shipping Worldwide.

Vajrayogini Statue Description and Meaning

Vajrayogini in Naro Kacho form is embodied as a stunningly beautiful 16 year old female with full breasts and voluptuous body. Additionally, she is fully naked standing in a provocative posture. Her red hair is also unfettered and she expresses disdain for all conventional norms.

However, this beautiful body is covered with skulls and bone fragments expressing the impermanence of worldly beauty. Indeed, the contrast of macabre human accoutrements with youthful female beauty is an outstanding aspect of Naro Kacho Vajrayogini.   

As a result, Vajrayogini practice is most effective for eliminating the negative energy of desire. She is a representation of complete Buddhahood in female form. Furthermore, she is in permanent union with her consort Chakrasamvara.

The Naro Kacho form of Vajrayogini was first visualized by the Indian mahasiddha Naropa. Afterwards it was taught by Naropa and accepted into the Sakya school of Tibetan Buddhism. Eventually it would also be accepted by the Gelug school and Naro Kacho Vajrayogini is still widely accepted.

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