Amitabha Buddha Statues

The Amitabha pure land was created after thousands of bodhisattva lifetimes as Dharmakara. Our Amitabha Buddha statues sit in full lotus pose depicting the Dhyana “meditation” mudra. As a result, followers who recite the Amitabha Buddha mantra “Om Amitabha Hrih” can gain access to the Amitabha pure land – Sukhavati. Additionally, mantra recitation will enhance devotion to Buddhist virtues and produce merit and good karma. Please enjoy our “Infinite Light and Life” statues of Buddha listed below. Our skilled artisans created these Amitabha Buddha statues using traditional methods. Indeed, our artisans have been the preferred source of Buddhist monasteries for many centuries. As a result, you can rest assured your Amida Buddha statue is 100% genuine monastic quality.